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  • Morgan Martinez

March 16, 2021

This week on Survivor has been the opening line on the show we watch two times a week with the Johnson family. Throughout the week we try to stay disconnected from technology and distractions, we do this in an attempt to be more engaged with the people around us. But on Friday and Saturday nights, after our work for the day is done, we gather together to indulge in a few hours of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting.

Since we flew with the Johnson's to Ukraine we all got to experience the joys of jetlag together. We had a goal to stay awake until at least 8 pm each night but after over 30 hours of travel and a 9 hour time difference, we were all longingly gazing up the stairs by 6:30. This is where it began. In a last-ditch effort to keep our eyes open, we would gather around the screen and watch average people attempt to live off rice and water.

Right now you may be thinking, "Why in the world would Morgan choose to write about Survivor of all things?"

To this, I would reply, "Well, it brings me joy, and it was Survivor or a description on just how many pounds of potatoes we eat." (We buy between 11-13 lbs of potatoes weekly, in case you were wondering)

But in all seriousness, as trivial as it is, each week I look forward to these few hours. This week we've been reflecting a lot on what brings us joy. The blessings that draw us back to Jesus and allow us to see the beauty in the day. We all snuggle up with tea and whatever fresh pastry has been whipped up at the Johnson house that day. We talk about how annoying Lex, Silas, or Spencer is, how much we hope Ethan, Teresa, or Woo to win. Max makes a multitude of puns, past jokes resurface, and we all relax together. These are some of the beautiful moments here that encourage us, and the people who we get to be present with.

A couple quick updates on some other important people and things


Jed finished the foster parenting classes last Thursday which was the last big step towards bringing Sasha to live with us. Now we wait for a committee to meet and sign the needed documents that give Jed guardianship of Sasha. We are hopeful that this will happen soon and that we will have Sasha home with us within the next month. Please be praying for Sasha as we get closer to the time that he will join us. Due to Covid, the team has had no contact with him for a year now.


Max and I will need to travel to Georgia sometime in the next month to get our visas to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days. Dealing with official documents in another county can be stressful enough but with the factor of international travel during Covid theirs a lot to figure out. Be praying for us as we prepare the documents needed both for our visas but also for the entry requirements into Georgia and then back to Ukraine.

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